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Charles Ahearn 1880

This player was on the Union College team of Schenechtedy, NY. An article from 1881 talks about how Union College won the New York Collegiate championship in 1880 and that Ahern was matriculated and his fees were paid but he was not a student. I guess he was a ringer! His name was Ahern and not Ahearn. Also there was no evidence that his first name was Charles.

There was a Charles Ahearn in the New England League in the 1890s. Maybe that's where the name came from.

In May or June 1880, there was a note that Ahern and Lavin were going to stay together in Troy while the Troy team was on the road. They were the Reserves.

In 1893, John F Ahern sold his stake in the Troy club. Looking back, he first appeared in the Troy City Directory as a laborer in 1882 and then got in the liquor business. He died in 1898 in Troy. Could he be the Ahern we are missing?

Thomas Barlow 1872

no H, there was a Thomas H Barlow on black teams in Washington, DC in the 1870s . Thomas was born 1851 in NY, probably Brooklyn , his father Michael b. 1821 Ire, a shipsawyer, and mother Elizabeth b 1826 Ire were living there in 1860 census.

Tom was a bartender in Brooklyn, and was playing as late as 6 18 79 when he appeared in a game with the Chelseas. Never appeared again in Brooklyn or NYC CD. In 1888 a list of players had him among the dead. And in the early 1890s a story about who invented the bunt said that the late Tom Barlow probably invented it.

John E Bass 1871

Job G Bass was a minister in Charleston, SC. He moved his family to Brooklyn in the 1850s. John E Bass was born 1848 in Charleston. Job became an Army chaplain in 1862 and from 1865 to his death in 1901 was a prison chaplain in Brooklyn.

These are John Bass that are John E or John, but not the John W that appeared in the 1890s. I can't assume they all are the ball player

John E was called a businessman in Brooklyn in the 1880s and was a sub-umpire there 1883. In a list of National Association players still living in 1898 he was among them. 1900 census Job G Bass Feb 1815 SC 431 Waverly Ave Brooklyn DIL Lydia Bass 5 46 NY GD Jessie Parks 7 56 SC

Creed F Bates 1898

1880 census Levi Marcus Bates 35 Ga Cleveland, Bradley Co, Tn wife L Catherine 33 Ga William 10 Ga Adolphua 9 Tn Charles 8 Tn Ida 6 Tn Creed 4 Tn Hattie 1 Tnborn 1876

1900 census Levi Marcus Bates Mar 1845 N.C 41 Pleasant, Chattanooga, Tn Lulu July 1846 Ga Charles Aug 74 Tn Ida A Feb 76 Tn Hattie Jan 80 Yn

1910 census Lucille Catherine Bates 65 Ga boards Hamilton Co, Tb widow 6 Children, all living. Married Selma April 1900 Newport,Ky. She sued for Divorce December 1901. He was in jail in Quincy,Ill 1909.

Frank J Beck 1884

The guy we have listed is the wrong man. The ballplayer's real name was Frank J Hengstebeck and the Michigan Frank was Frank M and it was just a coincidence that he was born in Poughkeepsie, NY as he and his family were from Detroit, Michigan and he lived there until he was 60 years old. The real guy was Frank Joseph Hengstebeck born November 1857 in New York State, most likely in Poughkeepsie. He was living in The Bronx in 1900 and 1901, after moving from Poughkeepsie around 1893.

George W Blackburn 1897

according to The Sporting News, he was born Sept 21, 1871 Ozark, Mo.They also said he was a native of Gainesville,Tx. SN 11 12 92 Dallas Blackburn left for Gainesville His father was Jake, a famous sporting man from Arkansas.George's wife Alice died April 23, 1897 Dallas,Tx. He was a long time minor league umpire and executive. Last address listed for him was 1926 806 N Rampart, New Orleans but not in City Directory

Frederick S Boardman 1874

born 1851 St Louis, Mo Father was Henry M Boardman In 1875 "Fred Boardman of Chicago" was umpiring in the midwest Last address 1917 5619 Winthrop. Chicago

George Bristow 1899

born May 1870 Paw Paw,Ill. Parents born NY. Visited relatives in Hebron, Nebraska in the 1890s.

Charles E Brown 1897

born August 1871 Indiana, possibly Allen County. He was from New Haven, Indiana. When he signed with Cleveland in 1897 he was playing for Dayton, Ohio.

Married Adelia Mella Serson. daughter Hazel M Brown born Jan 1895 Indiana son Clarence E Brown born August 20, 1897 Allen County, Ind. Family lived at 112 N Stillwater, Dayton, Ohio in the 1899/1900 Dayton Directory (ballplayer), 1900/1901 (ballplayer), 1901/02 (driver).

There is a record of an Adelia Brown married to Jesse Fuller 9 3 07 in Allen Co, Ind.

There is a Clarence E Brown living in Atlanta, Ga age 22 parents b Indiana an electrician for Western Union Tel Co. He married a Rachel or Ray B and still in Atlanta 1938. There was also a Charles Edward Brown machinest living in Atlanta same time wife Brunie, but don't know yet if this is the ballplayer.

Richard H Butler 1897

born January 1870 Brooklyn, NY Father was Patrick H Butler. Patrick Butler 1880 census 34 Ireland son William 13 NY son Richard 10 NY son John 8 NY son Jerry 5 NY s Toney 3 NY 1891/2 Patrick H Butler 396 Degraw with William Clerk John bookeeper Richard clerk In 1905 NY Census, He was 33 years born NY with father 63 Ireland and stepmother Josephine 38 Patrick ran a liquor store in Brooklyn until around 1906. Richard took over for 2 years and was last listed 1908