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John W Callahan 1898

Originally called James W Callahan. He was with the Moberly,Mo team in 1897 and 1898 .1900 census . John W Callahan ball player Nov 1875 Ill mother Hattie Callahan Jan 1856 Ohio 617 Cates, Moberly, Mo

1880 census James W Callahan 42 Michigan Locomotive engineer Moberly, Mo wife Hattie 27 Ohio son John 5 Ill daughter Edna 3 Mo

1900 census. John W Callahan b Nov 1875 Illinois Baseball player. Mother Hattie

1910 Hattie Calahan 613 Coates St Moberly, Mo widow 55 Mo John Callahan brakeman RR 34 Ill wife Elizbeth 28 M0 married 4 years no children 812 Reed. In 1910(?) Moberly CD There was a John W Callahan wife Elizabeth and an Elizabeth widow John W.. No Death Certificate.

Pierce Nuget Chiles 1899

May 28, 1867 Deepwater,Mo.

1880 Census Fairview, Henry Co, Mo. Mother Amanda E Chiles b 1836 Mo Sister Martha C 1856 Mo Sister Annie 1862 Mo Sister Lilly 1864 Mo Brother Alfred Chiles 1875 Mo

Pierce was the equivalent of E Harry Decker and Terry Larkin as far as character is concerned."4 30 01 Sporting News The Ex Philadelphia Human Push Button gets 2 years on a convict farm. Petie Chiles. Petie is to do 2 years on the Huntsville, Tx convict farm. He was run out of Kansas and Texas years ago and now gets a 2 year hitch for working a flim-flam game. He was arrested 2 24 03 in Portland,Oregon. His last known team was an outlaw team in Fortunata, California in 1903. In the Spalding ? Guide Necrology in 1909 they mention an Ex-Philadelphia second baseman Petie Childs who died in Fresno, Cal in 1908. Haven't found out if this is him.

Edward C Clark 1886

It is a fact that Ed C Clark was from Cincinnati, but we can only take one listing for him for sure. 1892/3 Edward C yardmaster Stock Yards h 587 1/2 Browne.In 1884 Ed C Clark living in Cincinnati, In 1888 it was said that “he works for the county auditor of Cincinnati” I found in 1891/2 Cincinnati CD an Edmund C clerk 527 Colerain Ave.

1869/70 Ann widow 18 Goodloe

1870 census Anna Clark 33 Ire son Joseph N 12 Ohio John B 10 Ohio Eddie C 7 Ohio Thomas F 2 Ohio.