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John V Bancker 1875

John "Stud" Bancker was last seen playing in Philadelphia in 1884. His father was John H Bancker and mother Mary A Bancker. John H died n the early 1880s and John V was last at 1915 Pemberton, Philadelphia in the 1885 City Directory. The rest of his family lives on in Philadelphia but he disappears.

George A Bechtel 1871

Originally listed as born 1848 Philadelphia, a birthdate of September 2 was given him from somewhere.He was a life long resident of Philadelphia as far as I can tell, but his listings in the CDs are uncertain. From Peter Morris SN 2/13/92 George Bechtel, a real old-timer, who played with the Centennial, Athletic, Baltimore and Troy clubs, covers a West Philadelphia [police] beat.The closest George Bechtel in the Philadelphia CDs was a boarder at 4072 Warren St age 61 years in 1910 . He was formerly listed as George W Bechtel and was a blacksmith. In 1900 he was at 4035 Warren b Feb 1852 Pa single. He went to work at a Sporting Goods store stitching baseballs. His father was William P Bechtel engineer. George W blacksmith was first listed in the 1880 Philadelphia CD. All the other George Bechtels were not even close. No George ever listed as ball player and none as policeman in the 1890s

John J Brown 1897

Jack Brown , pitcher was signed for Reading,Pa out of Philadelphia but team failed in April 1896. Major League game was August 11, 1897 in Brooklyn. Listed as John J "Ad" Brown in reference books .Brooklyn Times 7 21 97 p 8. His name is John I Brown and comes from Philadelphia, is a righthander and twirled with Trenton earlier in the season. Brown was a stone cutter in Philadelphia. 8 16 97 Brooklyn Times John Brown, pitcher of the Brooklyn club, who joined the team when they were in Pittsburgh, has been sent to Darby, Ct to pitch under Manager Jerry Denny. Late 1899 Jack Brown, pitcher, late of Rochester, 421 S 17th St, Philadelphia, Pa. 12 9 99 Sporting Life Pitcher Jack Brown, of next years Syracuse team. is tending bar in Philadelphia.

Samuel Campbell

Ed Carfrey

SN 4/26/89 "Caffrey, who is playing with the Athletic club, is not catcher McCaffrey of the Frankford club. Caffrey played an infield position for the Houston club and he will continue at short stop until Fitzgerald gets well." Shouldn't this be 1890?

Ed Carfrey was a local Philadelphia player who otherwise worked ( I assume) during the week and played on Saturdays. He was on these semi pro teams for at least 10 years. So far I have him signing with the Media,Pa team for 1898. Don't know if it is Edward or Edwin Carfrey.

However, the most likely Ed Carfrey that I have found is this. 1860 census William R Carfrey 59 NJ wife Rebecca 58 NJ Philadelphia shoemaker sons Elijah 23 Andrew Jackson 20 Edwin 29. 1870 census Edwin H Carfrey 39 Pa shoemaker Jane 36 Pa William L 10 Edward 7 James L 3 1880 census Edwin Carfrey 48 Pa Oriana St Philadelphia wife Jane 46 Pa William 20 Pa Edwin 17 Pa James 13 Pa Andrew 9 Pa 1900 census Edward Carfrey June 1868 Pa 1920 3rd Philadelphia single machinest

1882 Edwin Carfrey shoemaker 2340 Oreana with Edwin M helper, William R helper 1883 Edwin H Carfrey shoemaker 2340 Oreana with Edwin M labor, William F labor 1887 Edwin H shoemaker 2340 Oriana with William roller 1888 Edwin M Carfrey ruffer 2356 N 3rd 1890 Edwin H lab 2340 Oreana 1900 ?Edwin H machinest 316 York ?Edwin M rougher 2344 N Hancock with Emma J dressmaker 1900 census Edward Carfrey machinest 1920 N 3rd 1903 Edwin Carfrey labor 1920 N 3rd 1904 Edward Carfrey ironmaker 1920 N 3rd. Last listing for Ed Carfrey.

However under Caffrey, in 1908 appears Edward Caffrey ironmaker 203 Susquehanna.

  • 1912 Edwin Caffrey ironworker
  • 1913 Edwin Caffrey roller
  • 1917 Edwin molder In 1919/20 CD he wasn't listed or ever again. He was single, so no widow would be listed.

    Edward Clements 1890

    This otherwise unknown player played one game 6 24 90 with Pittsburgh NL as SS. I have never seen his name in the Pha Inq as a player in Philadelphia . Maybe he was an amateur.

    Edward Connors 1871

    11 18 82 NY Clipper Ed Conner formerly of the Philadelphia Keystone and Troy Haymakers was a candidate for the legislature but was unsucessful

    Crawford, 1890

    Definitely not George Crawford, the California player.This guy was a local Philadelphia player. Crawford appeared in boxscores in Philadelphia 1891 and 1892 with Athletic team and Burlington, NJ No first name. In 1890 Philadelphia CD there was a Harry E Crawford ball player. Maybe it’s him.

    William C Farmer 1888

    William John Gallagher

    Robert J Gamble 1888

    b Feb 1867 Hazleton,Pa.wife Annie E Dec 1867 Md daughter Mary A April 1892 Pa. 1920 908 Princeton St, Philadelphia,Pa Baggage handler Pennsylvania RR.1935 Robert J Gamble (Anna) soft drinks 6041 Hazleton, Philadelphia,Pa

    Gilroy 1874

    Louis Graulich 1891

    1892 Lewis Graulich ballplayer 2019 Lawrence, Philadelphia,Pa with John and John Jr and William, also a ballplayer. Last in Pha 2134 N 3rd in 1926 Brother William last in 1935 wife Elizabeth tanner 2047 N 4th last Pha CD Wm born 1864

    James Graham 1889

    1887 plays 3B for Harrowgate team of Philadelphia. PI 3 19 88 Contract approved James Graham Frankford team.

    I got this from Peter Morris. We list Bernie Graham (1884) dying 10/31/86 in Mobile and Barney Graham (1889) dying 12/31/96 in Mobile. The folders at the Hall of Fame have the exact same clipping in both folders with different handwritten dates on them! S News ran an obituary on 11/6/86 of well-known outfielder Barney Graham, 26, born Beloit, who died of Malarial fever while playing in Mobile, so that one is fine. But Bernard "Barney" Graham had already been dead for three years when someone played third base for Philadelphia. What I've never been able to figure out is who played for Philadelphia in 1889. Today I found a very good clue:

    Sporting News 3/12/1892 "James Graham, who played third for the Erie, Pa Club has signed a Western League Club contract. He is a fine fielder at third, but only an ordinary batter. The old Athletics gave him a trial once."I looked in the Pha Inq games of 9 4 89 doubleheader A’s 3B Graham, “late of the Norristown club” Graham was 3B the entire season with Norristown, then the team disbanded late August or Sept 1st.

    I looked back starting March 1st and found 3 15 89 Pha Inq “Chester’s Baseball Club - negotiations are pending between Manager Hargrove and Graham, the clever 3rd baseman of last seasons Frankford Club” He signed with Norristown,

    Frankford is part of Philadelphia, so I looked for him in the Philadelphia CDs. He was thrice listed as James Graham ball player, in 1891, 1892 and 1897. His father was James Graham and his mother was Martha. I’ll try to find him in the census. Otherwise he was listed as a weaver or carpetmaker.

    William L Hague (Haug) 1875

    Philadelphia player. He became a groundskeeper for the Philadelphia team in the early 1890s. 1892 William L Haug Jr with Caroline V widow William. 1893 Caroline V widow William William L Jr no longer listed.

    Hellings 1875

    This is most definitely the Hellings with the West Philadelphia team from at least 1869. No mention of first name.

    Horace Willing Helmbold 1890

    Still forming data on him. A Horace Helmbold was divorced in Williamsport,Pa in 1901. If it is him, he had a son who lived in Williamsport into the 1930s

    Samuel Landis 1882

    Sam “Doc” Landis grew up in Philadelphia. He was born August 16, 1854 Perry County,Pa.

    1860 census. Abraham Landis stovemaker 45 Pa wife Mary 45 Pa daughter Margarett 21 Pa son Stephen 16 Pa son Samuel 6 Pa

    1870 census. Abraham Landis 52 Pa Pattern Filler wife Mary 53 Pa son Samuel 15 Pa daughter Margarett 21 Pa tailoress. He was in the Philadelphia CDs until 1883. He married Ida Weidner August 1, 1883 in Reading,Pa and they moved there. He was playing on the Reading team at the time. They divorced in the late 1880s. He was listed in Reading as Samuel Landis ball player at 213 Pearl in 1890. He moved back to Philadelphia where he was last listed in 1892 at 1815 Sheridan with Abraham. Abraham was last listed in 1895.

    Albert P Lukens 1894

    born Albert P Hall Nov 1869 Massachusetts, his parents were born in West Virginia. It seems that he was adopted? by a Base ball player John B Lukens of Wheeling WVA.John B Lukens 1880 census 99 Indiana Whheling, WVA wife Mary B 30 W VA d Laura 16 W VA d Nellie 14 W Va d Kate 12 W Va d Rose 10 W VA son John 5 W Va

    Vineland,NJ 1891/2 Albert P Lukens base ball player Elmer nr 4th with John B Lukens 1893/4 Albert P Hall h Elmer abt 4th Arthur T Parsons postmaster 616 Grape with Mabel W clerk PO John B Lukens Elmer ab 4th 1895 Albert P Hall grocer 722 Landis, John B Lukens same Lucy J Parson widow Alfred T 51 Elmer with Mabel W 1897/8 Albert P Hall salesman 103 S 7th John B Lukens 722 Landis Lucy j Parsons 103 S 7th 1900/1900 Albert P Hall salesman 103 S 7th with Lucy J Parsons 1901/2 Albert P Hall salesman 735 Landis Ave with Lucy J Parsons John B Lukens carp Landis Ave 1900 census John B Lukens Sept 1836 Pa contracor and builder wife Catharine Nov 1847 W VA daughter Betta M July 1884 NJ son Benjamin Apr 1886 d Catharine De Groff July 1872 W Va married 9 years 1 child GS Robert DE Groff Jan 1892 NJ He had been on the Wheeling team for some years in the 1870s and 1880s. The 2 moved up to Vineland, NJ. He married Mabel Ward Parson, the daughter of the postmaster of Vineland in 1895. 1900 census 735 Landis Ave Mabel b Oct 1869 Mass mother Lucy J March 1839 Mass widow. He changed name back to Hall. They moved to Philadelphia. He was last listed in 1912 salesman 113 S 8th. Did not die Philadelphia . I searched up to 1915. 1915 Mabel Hall steno 113 S 8th.1916 same.

    William George McCloskey 1884

    there was a William G McCloskey in the 1900 census born May 1854 Pa. Wife Josephine J b Sept 1856 Pa son George b Aug 1879 Pa daughter Ethel M b Dec 1886 Pa. This William G McCloskey was living in Philadelphia all his life. Most likely the ball player. Also, in 1875 there was a McCloskey catcher for 10 games with the Washington Nationals who was probably the catcher for Riverton team of Philadelphia. Since William George was 21 years old, a catcher and living in Philadelphia, there is the possibility thsat he was that player.

    1910 census William G in census. Last in Philadelphia CD around 1913. Worked as a foreman. His daughter Ethel married William Houston. They had daughter Beatrice 1 year. 1920 census George McCloskey printer age 40 4933 Royal Phialdelphia wife Myra C 37 Pa son George B 16 Pa daughter Edna W 15 Pa daughter Ruth T 12 Pa.George was last listed 1924 1036 E Chester, Germantown,Pa printer.

    Michael Henry McGeary 1871

    1870 census Philadelphia, Pa Michael 1810 Ireland wife Ann 1832 Ireland son James 1849 Ireland daughter Mary 1857 PA daughter Ella 1860 Pa. In 1880 census Michael listed as Baseball player 28 Pa. Peter Morris says that he married Jennie Hudson of Piqua, Ohio in St Louis. 1900 census Ann McGeary Nov 1830 Ire 1705 N 15th Mary A Sug 1865 Pa Michael H Nov 1860 (more like 1852) Pa Arthur A June 1886 Pa Henry R Aug 1884 Pa. Arthur and Henry had father born Pa, mother born Ohio. 1909 last listing. 1703 N 15th Michael H McGeary with John, James, Ann widow Michael, Harry R, Arthur A. Jennie McGeary seperated from Mike and was in the Dayton State Hospital, Montgomery Co, Ohio 1910 Census. listed as married 27 years 3 children 2 living. In 1920 census she was in Harrison Twp, Montgomery Co, Ohio as private nurse, widow. She died 1929 listed as widow of Mike McGeary

    A Harry Morelock 1891

    There were no Morelocks in Philadelphoia. Never found them. It was Morlock. Even though he almost always was listed a A Harry Morelock, there was never an A H Morlock or Adam H Morlock in Philadelphia. All there was was Harry Morlock. He was born November 1869 in Philadelphia. He was in the 1870 1880 1900 1910 1920 census..He was last listed in 1937 at 4744 Rosehill. I got that from Pha White Pages many years ago when they were available for perusal. Now everything is on microfilm and I don't know if Telephone books are on microfilm. It turns out that his son Harry Allen Morlock died May 12, 1980 and was living in Laguna Hills, California. Harrys wife was Margaret Herron.

    George Pattison

    Came from the Sommers Club. I have seen him called George Patterson or James Patterson, but was Pattison in the boxscores

    William G "Billy" Price 1890

    • 1886 Pitches for Camden, NJ?
    • 1887 Pitches for Houston Club of Chester,Pa?
    • PI 3 19 88 Contracts with Interstate Lg Frankford William Price
    • PI 3 26 89 Articles of agreement have been signed for a 100 yard foot race at Tacony driving park on 4 15 89 between C W Lear a Frankford letter carrier and W G Price,pitcher for the Frankford Club
    • Pitched his 1 game for the Athletics 4 27 90 at Glouchester Point, NJ against Syracuse A A

    William Aloysius Purcell 1879

    Born Dec 1855 Pennsylvania. Living in Philadelphia in the 1880s . Living in Paterson, NJ in the 1890s and listed as William A Purcell ball player . His last listing in Paterson CD 1898 110 Fair. He was in the census. In 1902 Alice widow William A Purcell.

    Marshall J Quinton 1884

    1870 census Philadelphia, PaJohn Quinton 50 Pa son John A 23 Pa daughter Ida V 16 Pa Thomas 20 PA Marshall 18 PA William 14 PA.

    Marshall J Quinton lived in Philadelphia in the 1880s and last heard from he was managing Cobleskill, NY 1890.

    John H Richmond 1875

    born 1854 Philadelphia,Pa

    married Rebecca born 1855 Pa daughter Blanche 1876 Pa daughter Jenny 1879 Pa.

    married Mary A October 1884

    1890 ball player1613 N 4th, Philadelphia,Pa with Willam and Mary A. Last listing 1893 2403 Emerald, Philadelphia 1896 Mary A widow John Richmond 2403 Emerald.

    1900 census 2403 Emerald Mary born May 1853 Pa, son Willie July 1885 Pa Daughter Mary Aug 1887 Pa

    Al Sauters 1890

    born Sept 1868 Philadelphia. Pa

    Name was Albert C Sauter. He was a longtime jeweller in Philadelphia. There was a company called C Albert Sauter in Philadelphia sometimes in the 1950s to 1970s

    John A Sterling 1890

    born 1865 Philadelpha 6 ‘ 1” 172. Was with Ashland, Pa St Lg and given a trial with St Louis Browns, but game was rained out.Then he pitched for Somerset,NJ. PI 4 6 89 Charles Masons Philadelphia Giants H Sterling of this club is the pitcher who was given a trial by St Louis last year 6’1” 1889 John Sterling Ashland Pa S L 1890 Philadelphia Professionals Sterling P

    John Strike

    1880 census John 15 Patrick 14 Henry 5 Mary Widow William 35 Charles 9 All living at 1836 E Russell in 1900 CD but they all leave the CDs at that time. Not in PA Census as far as I can tell

    George T Ulrich

    born June 5, 1869 Philadelphia, Pa. Was in the last Philadelphia City Directory 1935. Living with brother? Harry C Ulrich b 1874 Pa wife Carrie daughter Elizabeth.

    Edward Whiting 1882

    1880 census Jonathan Stickel driver 50 NJ Margaret 49 Ire Annie 13 NJ Maggie 9 Pa John 6 Pa Edward Whiting 24 Pa wife Jane 1863 Pa 2211 N 8th Philadelphia Ed Whiting was playing in Philadelphia in the late 1870s into the 1880s

    John Wiley 1884

    John “Pud” Wiley played for Chester,Pa for 3 years, but was from Philadelphia. However, there were so many John Wiley’s that he is not recognizavle in CDs. With Downtown Philadelphia Club 1879

    William F Wolfe 1902

    In 1899 he was living in Uxbridge Mills, Mass said to be 23 ears old from Philadelphia