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Louis J Galvin 1884

b April 1862 Minn.policeman married 1885 .Moved to Chicago according to St Paul CD 1908 but he was not in the Chicago CD. Said to have died 1933. Where?

James Gillespie 1890

Don't know where the first name comes from but I am working on it. Public Ledger Philadelphia 10 2 90 Buffalo - Beecher was injured in a slide, and a local amateur took his place". In the boxscores it was Gillispie or Gillespie. There was a John W L Gillespie who played second base for the Buffalo Athletic Club, He appeared in a game 2 weeks before the October 1 1890 game. He was the owner of the Hotel Gillespie until 1897 when he disapears from the Buffalo City Directory and in 1898 there was a Mrs Kate Gillespie for only that year. In a game in 1890 the single men vs the married men, John W L Gillespie was second base man for the married men. It is likely that this is our guy.

George Burt Goetz 1889

born 1865 Greencastle,PA

1880 census

Philip Goetz b 1836 Pa wife Annie b 1838 Pa

Philip Goetz married Anna Rhodarmer about 1857 Greencastle,Pa

daughter Clara b 1858 Pa daughter Alice b 1861 Pa daughter Emma b 1863 PA son Bert b 1865 Pa son Ross b 1867 Pa daughter Mary b 1871 Pa son Frederick b 1876 Pa daughter Ruth 1878 PA

I saw the ball player called Charles also

He was with Roanoke in 1891 and signed with Lynchburg 1894 "George B Goetz"

Haley, 1880

Longtime Chicago semipro. 6/23/80 Chicago Daily Tribune The visitors had secured Haley of the Dreadnoughts of this city as the catcher for this occasion. Also with Chicago Eckfords. Who is Frederick Haley?

Leo J Harrison 1901

Leo Joseph Harrison b Feb 6, 1881 New York, NY died July 14, 1962 Bronx, NY. But it is not known if he is the Harrison who played 1 game with Washington Senators. No evidence that the minor leaguer was the 1 game Washington player.

John J Hayes 1882

b June 27, 1858 Brooklyn, NY

  • 1893/4 John Hayes ball player 94 Bedford with Margaret widow Edward
  • 1895/6 John Hayes ball player 404 Graham Ave
  • 1896/7 Margaret widow Edward Hayes 94 Bedford
  • 1897/8 John Hayes ball player 72 Skillman
  • 1898/1899 same
  • 1899/1900 Margrette Hayes widow 94 Bedford
  • 1900 John Hayes laborer 72 Skillman
  • In 1900 census @ 72 Skillman , Brooklyn stapping clerk. John J Hayes Born June 1858 parents born Ireland. wife Annie Dec 1869 Wisconsin daughter Mary E July 1893 NY daughter Margarette April 1895 NY
  • 1901/02 John Hayes clerk 72 Skillman
Peter Morris found a note in the SN 6 6 91 that Jack Hayes has reported a month late to catch for Spokane because a sister has died and his mother had been very ill there.Chicago, Ill. He also found Chicago Tribune, 6/3/77: "John Hayes, the left-fielder of the Chelsea Club of Brooklyn has just graduated from the Columbia Law School." This guy would be too young to be the 1882 guy. Maybe this is where the confusion comes in. There could have been 2 Jack Hayes, one a lawyer and ball player and the other the major leaguer who was working at more menial jobs. In 1888 Jack Hayes, the old Brooklyn Catcher was with Scranton

Higby, 1872

There was a J and an R Higby playing in Brooklyn. Mostly spelled Higbie

George S Hodson 1894

According to 1900 census he was born June 1870 Pa. He was in the 1920 Census in San Rafael, Cal running a grocery. DND California.Grew up around Phildelphia.


Frank J Hoffman 1888

Started out in New Orleans,La in 1886 then Houston, then Denver then Sacramento Cal. Last known playing 1894 in Northern California

Jesse H Hoffmeister 1897

In reality his last name was spelled Hoffmaster. He was first found living in Toledo, Ohio around 1895 and his profession was as a lather. He wintered in Kansas City, Mo and was listed as a ball player in 1900, 1902 and 1905 and as a lather in 1907. It is possible that he died around then, because he leaves the KC CD.Jessie Hoffmaster ball player lodging at 619 Walnut St, Kansas City, Mo born June 1872 Mo parents born Mo single. 1900 census

Robert Edward Hogan 1882

born April 1860 St Louis, Mo. Last living 1916 St Louis with rest of big family but DND Missouri.

Charles E Hoover 1888

Charles E Hoover born 9 65 Ill accd to 1900 census. State Penn, Jefferson City,Mo From Bill Carle. I've done lots of work on Charlie Hoover. He was the son of Daniel and Eliza Hoover. Daniel died 08/06/1911 in Quincy, Illinois. His obituary didn't mention Charlie, but it did mention Charlie's 2 sisters, Julia Nettie Hafner, who married Hoover's teammate, Frank Hafner, and Mrs. W. L. Loudy of San Francisco. Nettie Hafner died 08/26/1959 in Hannibal, Missouri. Charlie's mother, Elizabeth, died 03/28/1896 in Hannibal. Obituary didn't mention survivors. Another sister, Bertie, died 10/01/1893 at age 19. Yet another sister, Susan, died 04/15/1881 in Hannibal. Charlie was convicted in 1898 of forgery and sentenced to 5 years in prison. He and Charles Ayers forged a check on the Stillwell Packing Company. He entered prison on 01/31/1899 and his sentence was commuted by Governor Dockery and he was released from prison on 05/03/1902. His prison record mentioned that he had a tattoo of a baseball player and that he had "broken and gnarled fingers." (He was a catcher, you know.) After he was released, I have no clue where he went. He apparently didn't go back to Hannibal as I could not find him in a city directory. He was a bricklayer by trade so one would suspect he would be doing that if he stayed on the straight and narrow. His father's obituary would tend to imply that Charlie had died, but we can't assume that. I'm stuck at this point.

Frank Houseman

1886 Baltimore AA pitched 1 game. In ad in Sporting Life after season Houseman gave his address as 440 Light, Baltimore, Md. In the Baltimore CDs, there was a Frank Houseman, but not at that address.1872 Joseph Houseman 422 Light Ave 1880 Joseph Houseman carter same

1880 census

Joseph Houseman 45 Maryland

422 Light, Baltimore

wife Louisa 43 Md son William 21 Md daughter Alexandria 20 Md son James 10 Md son Joseph 7 Md

1883 Joseph Houseman 440 Light with William H Houseman carter 1885 William H bds 440 Light 1886 William H Houseman ball player 440 Light. Last listing 1896 William H Houseman 1409 Light with Joseph F and Mrs Louisa 1900 Louisa Housman b June 1835 Md Son Joseph June 1875 Md Grand daughter Ada V Lantz May 1889 Md (daughter of Alexandria?)

John Howe 1890

From Manhattan. 1884 address given in SL not in the Manhattan CD."Shorty" was said to be living in NY October 1897. Too many John Howes to trace.