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John Ralph Johnson 1889

He was an operator. During his playing career he organized achemes to make money.He organized barnstorming trips.He ran a dog track. He was in the restaurant business in Chiacgo.He came to NYC to work as a theatrical agent. But not found in NYC directories, He was at the Chicago reunion in 1906 . Last heard he was an agent in NYC,possibly 1908.

Jones, Charles F 1884

By a coincidence, both Charles Jones who are missing were police officers in New York City at the same time. According to Reed Howard, Charles F Jones, who he notes was always listed as Charles T Jones in Reserve lists, was last listed as a pro in 1891 in Troy, NY. But an article in 1894 says that Charles F Jones who formerly played 3d base with Newark and Worcester was captain of the 16th precient team of the New York Police Department. And in fact Charles Jones played 3d base for both Newark and Worcester for a total of 5 seasons

In fact, there was only one Charles F Jones listed in NYC City Directories in 1907 and he was a policeman. Later a sergeant. More research needed in earlier CDs. He was listed as 49 years old in the 1910 census and married 19 years . But his wife was married 29 years so maybe that is a mistake. Starting around 1911 was a Charles F Jones Jr living in The Bronx. In the 1920 census he was listed as 35 years old born NY so if Charles F was married 1881 he could be the son. Since in 1910 Charles F and wife Elizabeth had 8 children 3 living but not with them then the last surviving child was born no later that 1892(?)

I plan on doing a search for Charles F in the NYC deaths. The sergeant was last in the 1918 CD with a Charles F in 1921 no profession at a different address. I have yet to find him in the 1920 census in NY but I will try further

Charles Wesley Jones 1875

The best known missing player. Latest I have for sure was that he was given a benefit in Staten Island in 1909. There were no Directories for SI before 1933 so if he lived there he was in a black hole. When I started doing research in 1975, I was told that every possible Charles Jones had been researched and was not found so I won't go over that work. Supposedly living in NYC 1911. He was a policeman and an election official in NYC. In 1888, his wife Louisa was living in the Nautilus Hotel in Tompkinsville, Staten Island. Maybe something will come from that

Henry Jones (1890)

First pitched for McKeesport, Pennsylvania in 1886, then Rochester. In 1889 pitched for Chattanooga, Greenville (Mich.), McKeesport and for the Shaner Station B&O Railroad. Spent 89-90 offseason working in a coal mine near Pittsburg. After Pittsburg released him in 1890 he returned to McKeesport.

Ryerson L Jones 1883

1885 Ry Jones twisting the brake on a freight train on the Louisville and Nashville RR. In 1897 an R L Jones listing, but only once.

Edward C Kent 1884

born Sept 1859 Lockport,NY

1870 census Lockport,NY. father James E 40 NY mother Kate 35 NY sister Ada 17 NY sister Kate E 15 NY sister Isabella 13 NY Edward 11 NY James F 8 NY Margaret 4 NY Charles H 3 NY brother William A 9 months NY

1880 census 2274 3rd NY NY. Living with his brother in law Silas A Allen, James E Kent 50 Mass wife Kate 45 NJ daughter Belle 20 NY son Elmer (Edward) 18 NY daughter Margaret 16 NY son Henry 13 NY son Albert 10 NY

Edward C Kent married June 22, 1892 in Manhattan .Fredericka H Dunham. family moved to Beech St, Rutherford, NJ. 1900 census wife Fredericka H July 1872 NY daughter Estelle M June 1893 NY daughter Madge Mar 24, 1895 NY daughter Emma Aug 1884 NY Emmas mother was born in Maryland.

1920 census Edward C Kent 33 Beech, Rutherford, NJ with Madge C 24 NY March 1896 Winnifred C 12 NJ March 1907 Lorraine June 1894 NY

William H Kinsler 1893

This fellow was for the longest time only known as Kinsler. He was a local semipro catcher in New York City who jumped from one team to another for, I assume, some pay. He first appears in boxscores in NYC newpapers in the late 1880s, particularly with the Staten Island Athletic Club. In those days, College teams would pay players to play for their Baseball teams, not even being matriculated at the school. Kinsler played for Seton Hall University and later Manhattan College.

In 1893, Kinsler and Huyler Westervelt, among others, formed a travelling team called the New York Athletic Club composed mostly of Eastern collegians that played games along the way to Chicago. Peter Morris found a note in Michgan that not all of the players were amateurs. It said that 3B Campbell was from Manhattan College where he was known as Kinsler and had played with the NY Giants earlier in the year. On April 20, 1894 the NY Sun printed the name and address of our long time firstnameless Kinsler. In a reply to a question by the manager of the Patersons for his address H D Ramsay, manager of the Patersons would like the address of Kinsler, late of the New York Athletic Club Baseball team. The Sun replied the following day William H Kinsler 128th and Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan

Sporting News 5 26 94 Kinsler, the catcher secured by (Naheville) Manager Stallings from the Murray Hill team of New York, has asked for and will probably obtain his release. Kinsler took this step for reasons satsifactory to himself. Any club in need of a number one catcher would do well to address W. H. Kinsler, 128th Street, Amsterdam avenue, New York."

Kinsler had appeared for the Muray Hills earlier in May Kinsler was a rare name in NYC but there does appear a George A and Maria Kinsler in NYC beginning in the 1880s. In 1890 a William H Kinsler clerk was listed with them . George A was a policeman. There does appear a William Kinsler machinest in 1895 at 133rd St and a Michael enginer earlier and a Michael machinest at the same address as William in 1896. Beginning in 1903 a William H Kinsler appears as a detective and was last listed in 1920 and was a police captain. In the 1910 and 1920 census he was born 1869 NY parents born NY and had wife Anna. They were married in 1892 and had no children

I found him in the 1880 census and it seems that Michael was a misprint and it was really William all the time.

1880 census West Manhattan St nr Broadway, New York, NY, George Kinsler policeman 36 NY father born NJ mother born Ireland wife Maria 45 Ireland dry goods store daughter Mary 14 NY son William 12 NY son George 4 NY son Charles 2 NY SIL Bridget Stanton 42 Ire

Frank H Knauss 1890

The little lefty was known as one of the better pitchers in the 1890s. Born 1868 Cleveland, Ohio. Last Address 1414 E 27th NE Cleveland,Ohio around 1913. There was a Frank Knaus janitor living in Cleveland afterwards.

1880 census William Knauss 1834 Hesse Darmstadt Susan 1836 Bavaria William 1861 Ohio Andrew 1862 Ohio Jacob 1865 Ohio Frank 1868 Ohio Salavina 1872 Ohio Mary 1873 Ohio

Jacob Knowdell 1874

born around 1855 Brooklyn,NY. 10 17 73 Brooklyn Davis vs Concord with Davis J Knodell catcher, F Knodell LF. June 1874 Fly Aways Knowdell catcher 6 20 74 Atlantics vs Chicago - new catcher - Knowdell, from the amateur Fly Aways. Was Knowdell into early 1880s then Knodell. From Peter Morris " A note in the Bay City Tribune of 7/26/1883 said it was Knowdell's 43rd birthday, which corresponds with our listing. Obviously this strains credibility. The Grand Rapids Daily Democrat said he was 28. A profile in the Saginaw Evening Express of 12/27/82 said he began playing in Brooklyn, then with the New Havens, then with London in 1877, then with Leadville for five years. 2/27/84 signs with Harrisburg, Pa. " Never appeared in the Brooklyn CD under Knowdell or Knodell or Knodell.Brooklyn 4 30 87 Jacob Knowdell, the noted catcher of this city, who a few years ago occupied one of the foremost places in the baseball ranks, has for several months past boarded with his brother iin law Mr James Haver at his residence 128 Heyward St. A few days ago Knowdell was suddenly missed from home and simultaneous with his deisappearance a wallet, containing $188 belonging to Mr Haver was also missed. He was arrested yesterday afternoon in Trenton, NJ. Gave his name as Jacob Augustus Knowdell of 128 Heyward St, Philadelphia. He is believed by his friends to be insane.

Jake Knodel denies that he tries to commit suicide by Morphine 128 Heyward, Brooklun .

1880 census 128 Heyward St. James Haver 39 NY wife Eliza Haver 33 NY son James Jr 13 NY Frederick 9 NY. 1900 census Eliza Haver Jan 1845 NY Main Street Frankfort Herkimer Co NY son James W May 1867 NY son Frederick Dec 1870 NY widow parents b NY 1910 census Eliza M Haver 64 Philadelphia,Pa parents born Germany James W 43 NY commercial salesman same address. Haver deaths 1900-1920 in Frankfort, NY William Haver d March 1, 1911. Peter Morris says he read that Jake tried to commit suicide in Coney Island in the 1880s. I also had a note about him trying to commit suicide in 1915 in Newark, NJ but I did not find him in Newark CDs or in NJ census.

Edward William Kolb 1899

b July 20, 1880 Hamilton Co,Ohio

1900 census Louis Kolb Nov 1852 Ohio wife Minnie M Jan 1856 Oh son Fred L Sept 1878 Oh Edward July 1880 Oh Clifford A Jan 1885 Oh Leona Nov 1890 Oh. 1920 Louis Kolb 67 Oh 3418 Montieth, Cincinnati Clifford 35 Oh Leona 28 Oh 1938 Clifford A (Alma A) Leona nurse same add 1956 Alma wid Clifford 1711 Tuxworth Av An Alma Kolb 72 died Oct 13 1960 Cincy

Edward was living in St Augustine Fla accd to Sporting News around 1909 to 1911 but never appeared in CD. He was in 1910 census in Cincy? Last there 1910. Peter Morris was told that he was owner of the Calgary team into the 1920s.