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William D Lackey 1890

Peter Morris finally found that William D Lackey is the 1890 player and it is possible that Macey his catcher for that one game in 1890 was actually Patrick Mulley. It seems that Lackey had his regular catcher with him and that was P Mulley according to the notes on his amateur club.

Steve Ladew 1889

Steve Ladew was with Ottumwa,Iowa of the Three I lg in 1890 and 1891. He was a railroad man. There was a Stephen Ladew who was in St Louis from birth until 1891 . He was born 1870 St Louis and was Stephen F.

George M Lane 1882

born 1856 Allegheny,Pa. Listed as Base Ball player in the Pittsburgh CD living in Allegheny. Last listing 1886. There was a Sarah wid George the next year but don't know anything else. Brothers survived into 20th century with Thomas M and John M in the 1900 census.

Samuel H J Laroque

Born Feb 26, 1864 St Mathias, Quebec, Canada. He was a member of the Birmingham, Alabama Fire Department in 1905.1907 Samuel H LaRocque city fireman Engine Company No 1 1820 8th Avenue. 1919 Sporting News "They never get too old to mix into the game! Sam Larocque, who was a big league infielder around 1889 and 1890, has become an umpire in the Virginia League. One of the first French Canadians to make the big leagues"

Benjamin Laughlin 1873

Here is a case where the knickname is the only one known and we cannot pick out Ben from the rest of Laughlins. Even though he lived in NYC from at least 1872 to 1882, there was never a Benjamin Laughlin or Loughlin in the City Directories. The spelling of his last name was usually Loughlin but sometimes Laughlin. There was a player with Princeton with the same last name, but since he played at the same time as Ben, we can throw him out. Ben first appeared with the Flyaways around 1871 or 72 and played for the Elizabeth Resolutes in 1873 and also, played a few games for them a couple of years later. Otherwise he became the captain of the Flyaways and was with them through the 1870s. It seems he played for Brooklyn teams in the early 1880s. He was called Ben Loughlin or Laughlin so I guess that's where Benjamin came from.

John Lavin 1884

Played in NYC in 1879 and 1880 and was on the Reserves for Troy in 1880 with Ahern. 1880 census b 1856 NY living at 56 Christie St, Troy, NY ball player Eliza Lavin 27 NY Mary 22 Maggie 19 Played in Michigan including Bay City for years, according to Peter Morris. He says that Lavin was living in Binghampton,NY according to Michigan newspapers. John Lavin ball player in Binghampton CDs until early 1890s then bartender. Last listing 1893. Only John Lavin deaths in 1890s in New York State was one in December 1893 in Troy and one in August 1893 in West Troy. No Death Notices or obits in Troy Star newspaper.

Following Lavins deaths in NY Elizabeth 4 3 45 troy age 90 mary a 5 2 30 troy margaret 5 24 28 troy mary a 2 7 25 troy. 3 of these are his sisters.

Robert H Leadley 1888 non playing manager

He has been found!!! One of the all time mysteries.

Source material from Peter Morris. He was a very well known Baseball man. He married Mattie Jane Long age 20 Manchester,Vt 12 29 81 in Detroit,Mich. He was listed as Robert H Leadley 23 Brooklyn, NY. 1900 census Mattie Leadley Jan 1864 Vt. married 17 years

Grand Rapids Evening Press 1/30/1899 "Robert H. Leadley is no longer clerk of the Police Court due to $5000 missing funds. Mr. and Mrs. Leadley have disappeared from their home, and it is thought that criminal proceedings will be begun against the former." He made good on an earlier discrepancy of $700 with a check vouched for by Ben Guiney that subsequently bounced. In April 1900 he's working as a bookkeeper in Mexico City. Supposedly he's in Torion, Mexico in 1910.

It stood like that until I told Peter Morris that the 1930-1939 California Death Index was online. He found him. Robert H Leadley b November 11, 1858 Brooklyn, NY d May 19, 1936 Los Angeles, Cal. Widower wife Matha Leadley. Living in Los Angeles since 1922. That is why he wasn't in the 1920 census in California. Occupation Accountant. Last worked 1921.

Michael M Lehane 1884

Don't know where the Patrick came from but he was always called Michael M in the Sporting News and SL. In 1900 census born April 1865 NY and someone came up with April 15 as his birthday. 70 Murray, NY NY steam fitter. In late 1890s there was a note in SL that he was blind but that was probably made up by someone. Sister Catherine b Feb 1867 Providence RI. Last listing 1908/09 shoemaker 233 E 89th, NY NY.

William H Lennon 1871

Rather than the William F Lennon that has appeared all these years, his middle initial was H. When he was with the Fort Wayne Kekiongas, he was called called Billy Lennon, one of the old South Brooklyn players, one of the Brooklyn Stars, also W H Lennon, and after umpiring a game in Brooklyn after his last game with FW in 1871, he was also called W H Lennon.

According to the NY Clipper, he was living in Brooklyn in 1871. He played a few games for the Washington Nationals in 1872 and some with the Marylands in 1873 and I also saw him playing with Baltimore teams from 1872 to 1874 or 75. In Baltimore he was also called W H Lennon.He first appears in the Baltimore CDs in 1873 as William H Lennon and lives there until 1892. In the 1880 census he was born 1846 NY

Frederick Thomas Letcher 1891

born January 1868 Ohio. Married 1893 wife Lizzie Aug 1872 Wis daughter Hazel 9/93 Mich Gladys 8/95 Minn. Peter Morris traced him to a farm between Flaxcombe and Marengo, Saskatchewan in the mid 1920s.

Harry A Little 1877

Harry Little was a St Louis based player and Umpire into the mid 1880s. There was a Henry A Little who was in the St Louis CDS until 1911, who was occasionaly listed as Harry A. He was Born November 1850 St Louis,Mo.1900 census had wife Mary L Aug 1855 Mo.

From DN of Mother Mary Little who d Dec 15, 1905 St Louis "survived by Harry A , Robert L,William M"

Loughlin, 1883

We have a William J Loughlin with Baltimore, but that wasn't the ball player. He was a local umpire for many years, only in Baltimore.But there is no evidence at all that he was the ball player "Loughlin replaced Kelly who had his hands in very bad condition" "Loughlin, a new change catcher made his first appearance with the home team"

Loughran. 1884

Tom Shea seems to have believed that it was William Loughran. There was a William Loughran who played for the Manhattan Jaspers (Manhattan College) from 1878 and he was the Secretary of the Jaspers going to around 1882 or1883. Tom Shea said he went to Columbia University for his LLD. In the Sporting Life, they said that " William H Laughlin will be given a try by the NY club" In the boxscores he was a Loughlin a few times but mostly Loughran. I am pretty sure that the 1884 player was this William Loughran and feel the 1883 Loughlin could be him because the Baltimore team had to send for a change catcher, but didn't say from where and he was a catcher.

Lowe, 1872

For some reason, he is called Charles Lowe, born Baltimore. While I cannot prove otherwise, this Lowe was from Brooklyn, NY and played a few years for the Burnsides of Brooklyn. . No first name known.