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Harry F Mace 1891

born 1867 Washington, DC

John J or T Magner 1879

born 1847 St Louis,Mo Mother Mary born 1820 Ire father John brother Michael 1840 Ire

A benefit was given for him March 1895 St Louis.1896/7 John T Magner baseballist 1898 ck Globe Democrat 301 S Broadway with Mary wds John, Michael. According to A H Spink "The National Game, he was living in St Louis 1909 working for St Louis paper in circulation dept. 1910 census John J Magner 63 Mo vendor Newspapers parents born Ire . Last 1912 17 1/2 N 3rd

Martin Malone 1872

Began in Brooklyn 1867 and last heard he was umpiring in New Jersey 1880. In the NY Clipper he said to be living in 1898.

  • 1881/2 Martin Malone carman 230 5th Brooklyn, NY with James clerk, Peter salesman
  • 1882/3 James clerk, Peter clerk, Michael carman same
  • 1883/4 Martin truckman same
  • 1900 census Martin Malone Milk truck driver Nov 1850 Ireland immigrated 1862 wife Ann March 1842 Ireland married 29 years. son Patrick J Finance planning May 1873 NY
  • 1900 Martin Malone 224 1/2 22d with Patrick J clerk

    Stephen J Matthias 1884

    According to the Baseball Encylopedia, he was born in Mitchellville, Md in 1860. In the 1880 census he is listed as age 19 born Maryland. His mother was listed as Annie Mathaeis and in the Baltimore City Directories she was listed as Ann widow Charles. He is last listed in 1891 as Stephen Mathias canmaker 1011 Ann. In 1883 all of the Mathias/Matthias names were listed as Matthais. His mother was born in Moravia and father in Hungary.

    George Robert McAvoy 1914

    This guy was listed as George H McAvoy. Bill Haber found that he was born March 12, 1884 in East Liverpool, Ohio. Otherwise the rest of the info he found was actually for his grandfather and grandmother plus his uncles, including George Scoops Carey 1895, not his parents and brothers.

    His mother was Mary Carey father John McAvoy, Brother Henry McAvoy, sisters Erla and Sylvia. Uncle George Carey was listed as ball player in 1903 to 1906 E Liverpool CDs. Then 1912 to 1915 George Carey was listed as ball player with wife Minnie. It is very possible that George Robert McAvoy changed his last name to Carey, as Scoops, according to his obit in the SN, became an evangelist after his retirement from Baseball and probably was not going to be listed as a ball player.

    In the 1870 census in Pittsburgh we have Samuel Carey painter 33 Ohio with wife Sarah 27 Pa Mary 8 Oh Henry 6 Pa James 4 Pa Jessie 2 Pa In the 1880 census in East Liverpool, Ohio we have Samuel Carey 44 Ohio painter Sarah 43 Pa Mary 19 Ohio Harry 17 Pa potter James 13 Pa potter Jessie 11 Pa potter George 9 Pa Minnie 1 Oh

    In the 1900 census in East Liverpool Samuel Carey Jan 1835 Ohio

    at 129 May St Mary McAvoy March 1862 Oh sons George March 1862 Henry 4 87 Oh Erla 5 89 Oh Sylvia 8 90 Oh

    also Jesse Carey 1 72 Oh William 4 74 Oh Elmer 9 81 Oh Sarah mother 9 35 Pa

    Ambrose J McGann 1895

    b 1869 Baltimore, Md. 1880 census Andrew McGann 256 Harford Ave, Baltimore 46 Md wife Kate 40 MD William 19 Md d Annie 13 Md S Ambrose 11 Md son Andrew 9 Md son Charles 8 Md d Mary 5 Md Andrew Jr, Mrs Cath and Charles b leave Baltimore around 1919. In 1920 census, Andrew McGann 50 Md 1238 E livingston and a Kattie McGann 76 Md

    John A McCarty 1889

    In the late 1889 SN they said that Johnnie McCarty was a Kansas City boy, was recently with St Joe but was sick and didn't perform well.Was in the 1890 and 1891 Kansas City, Mo CDs as John A McCarthy ballplayer but not afterwards..1886/7 Margaret wid Patrick McCarthy 1325 Charlotte. 1890 John A McCarthy base ball player with Margaret wid Patrick. 1891 same with George gripman.1893 Margaret wid Patrick 1316 Charlotte. 1900 same. 1910 same. 1915 same. Gone by 1918.

    Edward McKenna 1874

    This one is messed up. It is actually 3 different players. In 1874 it was F McKennna, a long time first baseman with the West Philadelphia team. In 1877 it is McKenna, unkown first name of St Louis, who played for the Grand Ave team and Edward McKenna for Washington UA. He was with Wilmington 1883 and reserved for Washington UA 1884.

    There was a Edward McKenna listed in Washington DC City Directories in 1883 and 1884 as a painter. In the 1870 census he is listed as age 13 born DC. Father Andrew mother Ann sister Mary A brother John P Andrew B Hugh F Henry J.John P and Hugh F were living together at 322 D St SE in 1900 and John was with his wife in the 1920 census same address.

    The closest I could find for Edward was one listed as born 1852 Md living in Allegany Co, Md in 1900 census with wife and largw family married 1875 and same person in 1910 census born 1856 Pa married 1873.

    William McLaughlin 1884

    Not James McLaughlin but William, he was with the Eurekas of Sacramento 1883. He was given a benefit in San Francisco befor going East to play for the Baltimore Monumentals of the Eastern Lg. Washington UA signed him from the Monumnetals.He was the Altas of Sacramento in 1886 and 1887 as catcher and captain

    Joseph W Moffet 1884

    8 14 87 NY World Indianapolis has signed Moffitt, pitcher of the Cleveland Club of 1884. Moffitt has not been playing since being released by Cleveland., being engaged at mining with his brother at Melrose M.T.

    The Moffets moved from Wheeling, W Va to Butte, Montana to be miners.b June 1859 Wheeling, W Va.

    1890/92 Joseph W Moffet mining rms 213 N Jackson with A Lincoln mining, Samuel R mining. 1891/2 Abraham L 312 W Copper Samuel R 465 E Galena 1893 Samuel R mining 213 N Jackson. 1895 Samuel R same1897 Joseph Moffet miner Rarus mine b Cleveland House Meaderville Samuel R 213 N Jackson 1898 Joseph Moffat miner Rarus mine b 105 Shields Samuel R Moffet smelter Parrot S and Co 213 N Jackson 1900 Joseph Moffett miner Parrott Mine. In 1900 census he was living with brother Abraham b Feb 1863 W Va. 1901 Joseph Moffet miner East Grey Rock mine b 109 Ruby 1902 Joseph same S RMoffet lab MOP smelter 1903 Joseph miner East Grey Rock mine rms 1113 Oregon Ave 1904 Joseph Moffet same address 1905 Joseph same address 1906 Joseph miner Gagron mine b 107 Ruby 1907 Joseph same 1908 Joseph same Samuel R Moffat d 5 5 07 age 50 1909 Joseph miner W G R mine r 107 Ruby 1910 Joseph Moffet r 107 Ruby 1911 Joseph Moffat sta tndr EGR Mine r 107 Ruby . A Joseph C appears in 1912 but he was born 1890 NY

    Henry S Moore 1884

    According to Peter Morris he was living in St Louis in the mid 1880s when he was playing for Atlanta but not identifiable in CDs. He was with Reading,Pa 1883 and was called a Californian. He was blacklisted and next year signed with Washington UA. When he was playing for Stockton, Cal he married Maggie Agnew April 9, 1889 in San Fancisco, Cal. He was listed in SF CDs 1889 as Henry S Moore ball player and in 1892 as Henry Moore ballplayer. He was known as Hen Moore in SF, not Harry. He was born 1863 in California

    Jonathan W Morrison 1884

    according to Peter Morris. born 1859 London, Ontario, Canad. Married carrie Herbert of Utica, NY in St Thomas, Ont in 1890. In 1890 he was in Port Huron, Mich co-op in a bar and hotel withBilly Mountjoy. When Mountjoy contracted consumption, they folded.

    Henry William Morgan 1875

    born October 1857 Washington, DC. 1900 census Susan M Oct 1863 Md son Winfield Aug 1880 son Henry June 1882 son Raymond Oct 1885 daughter Sadie Dec 1888 son Milton C Dec 1890 daughter Mamie July 1874 son Roy Jan 1900. Last listing for Henry and Susan was 1923 soft drinks 1101 Madison, Baltimore, Md Some children live on in Baltimore like Milton C

    Robert J Murphy 1890

    born Dec 26, 1867 Dutchess Co, NY last address 1935 80 Brook, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY with wife Ellen March 1867 NY. Sons Robert, Hugh and Edward J buried in St Peter's Cemetery, Staten Island. Not Robert J and Ellen.