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Samuel B Sager 1871

b 1847 Marshalltown, Iowa ? (Cap Anson first white child born in Marshall Co, Iowa, in 1851) was in Chicago CDs 1871 and 1872

Harry E Scheerer

born 1868 Baltimore, Md.1888 with John P and John W. 1889 Ball player with George W, John F, John W 1890 ball player with George W, John F, John W. 1891 ball player with John P

Samuel E Shaw

b May 1864 Baltimore, Md. Last 1905 1321 W Lanvale, Baltimore

Joseph S. Simmons. born June 13, 1847 New York, NY. Lived in New York City, Wilmington, Dele, Rochester, NY, then Syracuse, NY 1880 census Joseph S Simmons b 1845 NY Julia b 1852 Ohio son George b 1874 Ohio son Arthur b 1878 NY son John b 1880 NY 1889/90 Julia Simmons 619 Eolam, Syracuse 1891/2 Joseph Simmons 816 Mulberry, Syracuse 1896/7 with George D, Arthur A 50 S State, Syracuse 1898/99 same with George B last listing

John A Slagle

b October 1869 Lawrence, Indiana he was on the St Joseph, Mo team and then stayed 2 more years as a bartender.

1880 census Lawrence, Indiana Sclagle father Phillip 53 Germany mother Lizetta 34 Germany Brother William 22 NJ Sister Katie 20 Indiana Brother Louis 15 Indiana sister Matilda 2 Indiana

Albert Edgar Smith

b October 15, 1860 North Haven, Ct

Wet to Yale. Last address Albert E Smith 1930/31 books 666 W Onondaga, Syracuse, NY

Ed Smith 1884

The 9 games listed for John F Phenominal Smith with Bal UA in 1884 was probably for Ed Smith. Ed Smith was signed by Baltimore UA before the season so it is likely that it was he who pitched the 9 games.

Pitcher Edward J Smith was the brother of William Smith 1884. He was born August 1857 East Liverpool, Ohio. He was living in East Liverpool in 1934, the last directory. He pitched for Columbus, Ga of the Southern Lg in 1885. He is the only Ed Smith I know of and also a pitcher active in 1884 so it is likely him

F William Smith 1886

he married Katie Repp of New Orleans Feb 1887 in New Orleans In 1890 New Orleans CD William F Smith was called baseballist 1523 Tchoupitoulas in 1892 he was foreman Brooklyn Cooperage Co same address 1893 lab 1521 Tchoupitoulas

Oliver H Smith

He lived in Denver, Colorado during most of the 1880s and 1890s, then left. He played in the minors until at least 1904

Ed Stratton 1873 He was one of the few National Association players who continued to play into the mid 1880s. Ed Stratton played 3 games for the Marylands in 1873. He grew up in Baltimore,Md and played locally into the late 1870s.. In the 1880 census, William Edward Stratton was born 1855 Maryland. Father Robert born 1805 Massachussetts mother Charlotte born 1820 Maryland. His brother Robert was born 1843 Maryland.. In 1884, William Edward Stratton "the old Virginia player is a clerk in a shoe store in Richmond, Va" He was called William E Stratton when he played for Richmond. Richmond,Va city directories 1884/5 Edward ck 215 E Broad 1885 same 1886/7 Edward ck salesman T E Borden 411 Clay E 1887/8 same 1889 W Edward Stratton salesan Heiler and Co. same with Edward Cl 1889/90 Edward W salesman same wit Edward ck 1891 W Edward Stratton 415 N 8th Charles Stratton ck 414 N 8th 1892 W Edward Stratton sales 414 N 8th Charles B printer 2105 M

Louis J Sylvester 1884

The son of Portugese immigrants, Louis J Sylvester was born in Springfield,Ill. The family were clock and watchmakers. Louis and family lived in Springfield, Ill but he moved to New Orleans after his Baseball Career. He returned after 1900 to continue his profession. In 1906 his father Joseph died. After 1908 Louis and family removed to San Diego, California. His brother, George Washington Sylvester (10/3/72 Springfield,Ill 8 19 46 Los Angeles Co, Cal) and Wife Edna Floy Mitchell Sylvester (8/15/84 Ill 3/20/44 San Diego Co, Cal) lived with him in San Diego. They were house painters, and Louis J Sylvester last lived in San Diego in 1926.

Zachary H Taylor 1874

Frederick L Thomas

Frederick L Thomas was an official on the 1887 Indianapolis team. He was made the manager. In the Indianapolis CDs, this was the only Fred L or Frederick L Thomas. According to his DC.

July 31, 1855 Indianapolis,Indiana D July 31, 1933 Los Angeles, Cal

survived by wife Leila J Thomas

Tilley, John C 1882

Tilley was from New York City originally.Was living in Chicago from at least the early 1890s to 1906. Was at the Chicago Reunion in July 1906. Last listed in the Chicago CDs as a bartender in 1906. 1900 census born August 1854 NY

Treacy, Fred 1871

No one knows what his actual name was or how it was spelled. He played for Brooklyn teams from at least 1866 to 1869, so the 1847 birth sounds reasonable. But never appeared in Brooklyn CDs under any of the variations, Treacey, Treacy, Tracy, Tracey. From Brooklyn Daily Times "Fred Tracey, left fielder of the Franklins of Brooklyn part of 1867, joined the Excelsiors 1868, Mohawks 2B and CF until August when he and Billy Lennon (teammate on the Franklins in 1866) left for Chicago, where Fred was placed in LF. Last season he came home and played the same position on the Eckfords. Joined the Atlantics 1870, but the inducements were too tempting and he took a Western course". In the 1871 Chicago Tribune he was called Frederick S Treacey. In the Chicago City Directory he was Fred H Treacy ball player. He was Treacey in the boxscores with NY Mutuals 1876. In 1895 Sporting life, there was a note that Fred Tracy, the Old Philadelphia Athletic was rumoured to be living in San Francisco. Not in the CDs under an variation of that name. In NY Clipper, 1894 and 1897, he was said to be still living. In 1904 Washington Post Article (from Peter Morris) Ned Cuthbert was talking about his old teams and mentioned Fred Tracy (now dead).

Treacy, Peter J 1876

No evidence that he was a brother of Fred Treacy. Early 1876 was with Arlington club of NY as P Tracy, with another Tracy in the lineup. In 1877 he was with Brooklyn Chelseas as P J Tracy. Only P Treacy in NY 1900 census was Peter J Treacy B Nov 1850 NY 1900 W 128th St, NY. He played in NYC into the late 1870s.

Arthur S Twineham

He was living in Detroit in the 1896 to 1899 era. He joined the Elks there. I think he was married at the time.