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They may be the true one, but

There are several missing players who may have been found, but then there isn't 100% proof.

Here are the ones I know about.

Edward P Beaven 1871

known as E P Beavens and Edward P Beavens. While he was always Beavens in the boxscores with Troy and the Atlantics, when he played locally on Staten Island and in Brooklyn, there were various spellings, mostly Beaven. He played with Staten Island for about 5 years in the mid 1870s. He lived in Brooklyn and usually played a few games there before his season on Staten Island.

Edward P Beavan was listed in the Brooklyn CD from 1867 until around 1910. 1900 census Nov 1845 NY 363 Cumberland, Brooklyn, NY He Died Dec 28, 1920 Brooklyn, NY

William F Bestick 1872

For many years, there was no first name for this player listed. Bestick was the catcher for the Flyaways, a Manhattan based team that played the other teams in the NYC area on the weekends. He was with the Flyaways from around 1867 to 1875. During this period, the only Bestick who was in the Manhattan City directory throughout this period was William Bestick. He was listed in the Manhattan City Directories until the early 1890s. He never appeared again but he was in the 1900 census born May 1855 NY. Looking backwards, in the 1860 census, there was a listing of William F Bestick , 12 years old born NY. His father was James. I finally found the ball player called William Bestick in the Brooklyn Eagle in the mid 1870s

A search of the NYC deaths index found William F Bestick age 62 died July 28, 1911 New York, NY. A search of many NYC newspapers show no death notices or obits or mentions in the sports sections.

From my personal experience, seeing that William Bestick is from Manhattan and there is only one of them living there and he qualifies under my 18 year rule ( Males tended to make their first appearance in the City Directories around age 18).

William F Bestick 1872 born May 1848 New York, NY died July 28, 1911 New York, NY

Eugene T Bagley 1886

Originally called Eugene I Begley. He was signed from the Pennsylvania State Lg, Scranton,Pa He was called Eugene T Bagley in the article.In The Baseball Encyclopedia it said he was born 1863 in Brooklyn, NY. In the 1900 census Eugene Bagley born June 1861 NY living in Queens, NY

There wasn't a city directory for Queens until after he died. No Eugene Bagley appeared in Brooklyn until1892. There was a Eugene Bagley there until 1895. The next we find him is in the 1900 census where he is living with his sister Elizabeth Younger. So we don't know how long he actually lived in Queens or if Eugene of Brooklyn is the same man. At some point it was published that Eugene T Bagley was born June 7, 1861.. On his death Certificate, he was born

b June 14, 1863 NY d Aug 15, 1901 Long Island City, NY. Since his sister was living with him when he died, I believe the birth information. She should know.SL 8/18/86 Eugene T. Bagley, the newcomer of the New York club, is a New Yorker and 23 years old. When a boy, he had great promise as a catcher and played for two years with the Stars of Long Island City. He spent last year with Port Huron and most recently played for Scranton.2 6 89 Sporting Life Baseball in Long Island City The Stars Club has graduated Billy Schriver, Frank Brill, Gene Bagley of Scranton and NY League team

Edward P Brown 1882

This 1882 and 1884 player was called a Chicago amateur when he played for St Louis in 1882. There was only 1 Edward P Brown listed in the Chicago City Directories from 1881 to 1916 and he was the following Edward P Brown born 1858 NY died June 19, 1918 Chicago, Ill. He was not listed in the CDs from 1882 to 1884 which seems to be the extent of his pro career.

Frank Norris Graves 1886

He was born November 2, 1860 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The family moved to New Orleans, La His mother Maria born 1833 Ohio and sister Alberta born 1873 Louisiana were listed with him in the 1880 census. He was a longtime minor league manager. He was managing in Southern California in the early 1900s , which is the last i know of him Bill Carle found a Death Certificate of a Frank Graves who died March 23, 1916 San Jose, Cal. born Ohio with the approximately correct age. No Frank Graves in the San Jose City directory.

John A Greason 1873

Originally listed as Greyson, this player pitched 8 games for the Washington Nationals in 1873. At his debut, the NY Clipper said that Greason was from the Creightons. Research shows that Greason began pitching in Washington DC in October 1868 with the Washington Nationals. Greason was later with the Creightons. In Washington, DC there was only one Greason family, with William the father and the proprietor of the Greason House and the Greason Brothers, George W and John A who took over the Greason House after father William died around 1882. They later ran a saloon. In the 1860 and 1870 census, George W was born 1849 and John A 1850. In the early 1880s, there was a note in the NY Clipper about the death of one of the old Creightons and among his old teammates was John R Greason. I knew this was a typo as only one John Greason was ever listed in Washington DC City Directories and that was John A. It also fits that he was 18 years old when he made his first appearance with the Nationals.

John A Greason was listed in Washington CDs until 1889 and a search of the Washington DC deaths index lead to finding his death notice in the Washington Post and the Evening Star. John A Greason age 37 died July 22 So he was born 1850-1852 Washington DC died July 22, 1889 Washington DC

Albert DeGroot Martin 1872

Al Martin played under Martin and May in the National Association. Not to be confused with Alphonse Case Martin, a famous pitcher of the same era. In the 1880 census he appears as Albert D Martin 30 NY living with his wifes parents at 3 Bank Street, NYC. In 1900 census he was listed as born August 1847 NY at 76 Van Buren, Brooklyn with wife Emily A.He died Mar 17, 1915 Brooklyn, NY at his home 76 Van Buren wife Emily A Peverelly and he was 67 or 68 years old. He worked for the NY Herald for 44 years beginning in 1866. Buried Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn 3 21 15. Emily's brother was Charles A Peverelly and according to Peter Morris " The surname Peverelly for Al Martin's wife could be a heck of a clue. Charles Peverelly was a late nineteenth century New York journalist who wrote one of the first important books on the history of baseball and other ball sports, The Book of American Pastimes (1866)."

I found this story. NY Clipper 1 22 76 The local papers, around 10 from NYC and Brooklyn put together the New York Press Club of which they planned to play amateur teams during 1876. I didn't read the story closely so I am assuming this team is composed of employees of the papers. Among the players are Benjamin Laughlin , Albert Martin and Martin A Malone. "Al" Martin is in leftfield." Martin was a second baseman earlier but in 1875 he was an outfielder. I had decided from my research that this was the only Albert Martin who could be the ballplayer and these 2 clues regarding Baseball makes me think he is the guy.

Charles McCullough 1890

Charles McCullough was supposedly born 1867 in Dublin, Ireland. His family moved to Brooklyn, NY before 1880

  • 1880 census
  • 276 Gold, Brooklyn, NY
  • Charles McCullough 38 Ireland
  • Ellen 35 Ireland
  • Catharine 15 Ire
  • Charles 14 Ire
  • Patrick 9 Ire
  • Mary E

    Charles was listed in the Brooklyn CDs as a ball player around 1890. He was last in the Brooklyn CD in 1891

    There was a Charles McCullough born March 11, 1866 Ireland and died May 10, 1962 in Hollister, Calif. i have been in contact with 2 people in Hollister and I haven't got anyone yet to send me an obituary . Supposedly he was a well known person in Hollister and his family is well known.He married Marry Haley 2 6 94 in Hollister.

    John G Otten 1895

    not Joseph G Otten. There was a misprint somewheres..

    "John Otten, our Fat boy, has drawn his release from the St Louis Browns. I've known him for 8 years, since he was a kid catcher on the prairie" Chicago correspondent for the Sporting Life. 1895.

    first listing 1888 John G Otten lithographer bds 16 N Peoria with Mrs Caroline and Richard agt. 1894 John G Otten Bookbinder 47 Briham with Caroline widow 1900 John Otton 734 Ashland b August 1871 Ill

    He died October 17, 1905 Chicago, Ill. age 35 .In the 1880 census the family were all born in Holland.. Richard. Otten 38 Holland Carolina 36 Holland William 7 Holland John 9 Illinois In 1910 his brother William R was born in Iowa 1873 and parents were born in Germany. I'll take the earlier listing

    John G Otten born August 1870 Holland died October 17, 1905 Chicago, Ill

    Daniel Patterson 1871

    According to the Baseball Encyclopedia, Daniel Thomas Patterson born 1846 New York, NY

    According to 1900 census Daniel Patterson born March1838 NY

    In 1885 Sporting Life or NY Clipper said that Daniel Patterson was running a Billiard parlor at Grand and Ludlow St, NYC

    This is a partial listing of his progression thru the NYC Directories

  • 1865 Daniel Patterson billiards 368 Grand h 293 Stanton
  • 1866 billiards 368 Grand h 276 Stanton
  • 1867 soda 400 Grand saloon 368 Grand h.187 Monroe
  • 1868 soda 400 Grand h 224 Powers, Brooklyn
  • 1869 soda 400 Grand h 293 Stanton
  • 1870 soda water apparatus 400 Grand h 2 Pitt
  • 1876 liquors 125 Delaney and soda water 193 Delaney
  • 1877 same
  • 1878 soda 193 Delaney h 125 Delaney
  • 1879 liquors 20 Delaney h 125 Delaney
  • 1880 same
  • 1883/4 liquors 119 E Houston and 20 Delaney h 185 1/2 Forsythe
  • 1884/5 liquors 20 Delaney 119 E Houston 109 W Houston h 185 1/2 Forsythe
  • 1885/6 liquors 334 Grand h 185 1/2 Forythe
  • 1886/7 same
  • 1893 h.185 1/2 Forsythe

    According to my Hagstrom NYC map, Grand and Ludlow St is 336 Grand. So Daniel Patterson's business was at Grand and Ludlow. In the NYC CDs it is obvious that the liquors/soda/billiards Daniel Patterson is the guy mentioned in the note in the paper. And this is the guy who died 1902. Only in the old days can someone with a full time job be a Base ball player because they only played on Saturdays from what I can tell.

    born March 1838 NY died Oct 16, 1902 Bronx, NY

    John Ricks 1891

    Frankly, I chose the only John Ricks who was living in St Louis in 1891 and traced him up to his death. His age was appropriate. I really couldn't find anything about this guys career.But Peter Morris found in the St Louis Post Dispatch that his name was John J Ricks and that he was an assisant shipping clerk with the Wrought Iron Range Co in St Louis in 1888.

    John J Ricks

    born December 1866 St Louis,Mo

    died August 30, 1920 St Louis,Mo

    Paul A Russell 1894

    Originally listed as Benjamin Paul Russell born Reading ,Pa died Pottstown,Pa. He was listed in the Sporting News as Paul Russell or Paul A Russell and was a resident of Reading,Pa. In the Reading City Directories, there was a Paul A Russell who ran a billiards parlor. I traced him up to the last directory (1940) at 929 Buttonwood, the same address that Fred Gunkle had lived at in the 1870s. When I contacted the cemetery that Fred Gunkle's sisters was buried in to see if Fred was also buried there, I asked if Paul A Russell was buried there. Nothing on Fred, but Paul A Russell was buried Sept 9, 1953. I haven't gotten an obituary.

    In the 1900 census, Paul A Russell was listed as born Nov 1861 Pa