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Frank Knauss 1890

The little lefty, who for one year, 1890, was called the best left handed pitcher in Base Ball, quickly fell from the heights. And after leaving Base Ball, he did menial jobs in his hometown of Cleveland,Ohio.

Frank Knauss was born October 1868 in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of William and Susanna Knauss, German immigrants from 1848. They married in 1860.

William was born August 1834 and died in Cleveland June 14, 1916.

Susanna was born January 1835 and died in Cleveland September 10, 1921.

They had 7 children, 6 who survived. William, Andrew H, Jacob F, Frank, Salavina and Mary.

Frank worked as a machine hand, bartender and then as a janitor in Cleveland, always living at home with his parents until 1914. Afterwards there was a Frank Knaus janitor in Cleveland, but I did not find him in the 1920 census and don’t know if that was him. When his mother died in 1921, he was listed as one of her survivors, along with William, Jacob, Mrs Fred Brooks and Mrs James Bidwell. I was told of a note that he appeared at an old timers game in Cleveland in that year. So from age 52 onwards he is unknown. His brother William Knaus died in 1957 and only his sister Mary survived him.

Regarding the spelling of the name, In the Cleveland CDs, the family was known as Knaus well into Frank’s Base Ball career. But in the 1890s, they became Knauss, with brother William retaining Knaus for the most part.

William Knaus was born June 1861 Cleveland , Ohio In 1884 he married Margaret “Maggie” Maas. They had 7 children, 5 survivng. Blanche M b Oct 1888, Annie M b Dec 1889, Charlotte A b June 1892 Marie J b Aug 23 1896 and Richard A b June 13 1904.

William died December 9, 1957 age 96. Margaret died October 26, 1936 age 74.

Blanche M Keller survived William but not Anna M Schlecht who died March 21, 1969. Marie J Knaus died September 1988 Phoenix, Az. Richard A Knaus died 10 3 70 Fort Wayne, Indiana. Charlotte A Leiter died July 13, 1976.

Andrew H Knauss was born May 1863 Cleveland. and died in Cleveland 1902. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland He married Augusta Sell in 1888. She was born August 1866 Germany and died July 1951 Cleveland. They had 4 children. Elsie May 1889 Nettie Dec 1890 William Oct 1893 Gertrude March 1895

Elsie Demming died May 8, 1954. Antoinette Elizabeth (Knaus) Imars died Nov 21, 1949. Gertrude M Vanderweel died July 11, 1972

Jacob F Knauss was born 1865 Cleveland, Ohio and was last in the Cleveland CDs around 1893. He was listed as an actor and next year as showman.

Salavina Knauss was born 1872 Cleveland, Ohio. As per the 1921 obit for her mother, she should be Mrs Fred Brooks, but I havent been able to pinpoint her anywhere so they may have moved out of Cleveland.

Mary Knauss was born 1873 Cleveland, Ohio. She first married Mr Benedict, probably Roger, and he probably died before 1910. Because in the 1910 census she was living with Frank and their parents as Mary Benedict age 36. She then married James W Bidwell. In the 1920 census J W Bidwell 39 Ohio and Mary K Bidwell 46 Ohio 1224 E 135th St East Cleveland, Ohio. In the 1921 Cleveland CD was listed James W Bidwell motorman at 1289 E 133rd St East Cleveland. But by 1929, Mary had divorced James and he had remarried Nora A Haller. In the SSDI there is a Mary Benedict b 7 29 73 d June 1969 living in Winona, Ohio.

Second Generation

Richard A Knaus was survived by wife Lillian M age 71 d 8 15 72 Fort Wayne, Ind and his sisters. Burial Calvary cemetery, Cleveland

Elsie Demming was survived by husband LeRoy S Demming (died 11 30 54) and son Howard E Demming (died 10 8 62). Howard was survived by wife Alberta Violet (Pollard) Demming who died July 15, 1999 Willoughby, Ohio and son Ronald Roy Demming who may be living in Columbus,Ohio and daughter Mrs Carol Posar

William H Knaus seems to have survived his sisters but I haven't pinpointed him yet.

Gertude M Vanderweel was survived by her husband Frank and her brothers and sisters.

Antoinette Elizabeth Imars was survived by husband Earl Andrew Imars who died 2 2 50 and son Robert E Imars. There was a Robert Imars born 1 11 17 died 7 26 89 Akron, Ohio