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Orator George Shafer and brother Taylor

The 3 best known missing players are Hugh "One Arm" Daily, Charles Wesley Jones and Orator George Shafer. I guess it must be the difficulty dealing with Philadelphia and Baltimore Vital Records because I have at least 10 19th century players I could find if those records were in easy reach and open to the public.

Regarding the spelling of the last name. Originally he was called George Schaeffer, later George Shaffer, then George Shafer, In the Phialdelphia City Directories George ball player was listed as all 3. But later it was consistently George W Shafer.

George W Shafer was born around 1851 in Philadelphia, Pa. He played in the National Association, National League, Union Association and American Association from 1874 to 1890. The famous nickname came from the fact that he was of the habit of talking profusely when he went to bat.

In 1884, Taylor Shafer first appeared as a ball player in Philadelphia. While Orator was deciding whether he was going to play base ball anymore, Taylor was playing locally, then going to Coatesville,Pa to play with the local team. 1891 "George Schaefer, "Orator" book writer @ Clifton, NJ race track - he says Taylor has retired from Base Ball and is keeping hotel near Philadelphia."

In the early 1890s, George W Shafer ball player and Taylor Shafer ball player were listed as living together in the Philadelphia City Directories. While George continued at the same address for another 10 years or so, there was a note in The Sporting Life that Taylor was clerking in a small hotel in Coatesville,Pa. Late 1897 Sporting News "Taylor Shaffer's Coatesville Club"

He appears in the 1900 census Taylor Shafer born July 1870 Pa living with his mother Elizabeth Gravell, a widow, in Coatesviile in a hotel. She was the owner. born October 1837 Pa. Christian Shafer born March 1866 Pa was Hotel Manager. Sister Annie Ridgeway born April 1864 married 1 child , living. Elizabeth Gravell had 5 children, all living In a couple of years, he returns to Philadelphia. George W appears up to around 1905.

Nov 1, 1911 an item from Philadelphia appeared. "George and Taylor Schaffer, who played on the old Athletics team during the Sharsig regime the other day were bequeathed $12,000 each by a deceased sister, the wife of a pawnbroker of this city (Philadelphia)

Taylor reappears in Philadelphia, first as Taylor, then as Taylor Z Shafer.

George W is in the 1910 census as a lodger age 59 Pa with an income.He was married, 33 years. He didn't work. He was in the 1911 City Directory.He reappears in the 1919 Phialdelphia CD at 1701 Oxford. He was there in 1921 and that is his last listing. In 1924 appears Ada widow George W Schafer at 1427 Widener place. Ada was listed as widow George sometimes in the 1900s. She was in the 1900 census at 1701 Oxford. I don't know her relation to George and Taylor but both of them lived with her at various times.

A search of the California Death Index resulted in this Zachary Taylor Shafer born July 13, 1866 Philadelphia, Pa. He died October 27, 1945 Glendale, Cal

In his death certificate, he wa listed as a retired baseball player. Father was John Shafer and mother Elizabeth Crock.

A search of the Philadelphia CDs finds that Elizabeth widow of John Shafer first appears in 1880 at 1849 N 22d. In the 1880 census, Elizabeth Shaffer 43 Pa George 27 Pa Sussie 24 Pa Annie 21 Pa Christian 19 Pa Taylor 16 Pa. Elizabeth Shafer leaves the CD but in 1889 Joseph Gravell, Elizabeths 2nd husband is listed with Christian, Annie and Taylor Shafer ball player.